From Greece to Syria the weapons of the damned will not be silenced

On October 9th, military forces of the Turkish fascist state are carrying out a generalized military invasion in the bases that were previously controlled by the rebel groups of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Two days before that, the US troops, appearing as an allied force of Kurdish militias, walked away. It is a well-coordinated operation to hurt the revolutionary attempt of the democratic confederation, maybe the most modern one in terms of its size and mass. It is social experiment of radical communism and self-determination, which has been taking place in Syrian territories in recent years. The war started by the Turkish fascist state, under the control and support of the Western powers, so far counts hundreds of dead and thousands of forcibly displaced from Syrian territory.

The guerrilla groups of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), with the help of transnational revolutionary solidarity battalions, have been at the forefront of the Syrian armed forces since the first day of social change. Because that’s how it fits into a revolutionary project. Because that’s how the world is changing. They fight unevenly but in qualitative terms (if we take into account the existing social reality) in the face of the proliferation of imperialist monopolies that impinge on the wealth-generating potential of the Middle East territories but at the same time raising the only radical barrier against the barbarism of fundamentalism represented by Isis. Isis is perhaps the most central example of religious darkness we have faced in recent times.

Much can be said at the level of critical thinking about the choices of guerrilla fighters all of this time in terms of strategy, military partnerships and political management. Certainly the comfort of social peace offered by the reality of the West gives us food for thought, reflection, filtering but often elitism. In the field of war, however, we must recognize that it is not the same. Let us envision ourselves (having this luxury) a possible revolutionary project in the western territories, and let us begin to provide real solutions to the ever-increasing dead ends.

No one can doubt the criticality of the evolution of the revolutionary project in Syria in the times we live in. To stop the patriarchal oppression that is the law in the Middle East – YPJ rebels and transnational comrades from all over the earth set a shining example in the struggle for women’s emancipation. Building degrown base communities (against outsourcing) to meet social needs against capitalist slippage. For the general restructuring of social relations, for the fight to achieve a society of self-determination, equality and solidarity. Lastly, no one (even the mass monopolies of domestication) can hide the essential contribution to the neutralization of ISIS jihadist terrorism.

We are currently at a critical juncture in the evolution of war. The powerful states divide and share regions, as the guerrilla units defend themselves by all means. Turkey, USA, Russia are in a constant round of negotiations with the open participation of the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad – who appears to be a sympathizer of the Kurdish rebels but in fact consents to their withdrawal and to the complete end of the Democratic Confederalism project. These negotiations, which have come under the roof of TRUCE of the last two weeks, are nothing more than a communication silence to continue the massacre of Syrian people.

This war was never over. The town of Serakaniye was completely bombed on the first night of the truce and when peace groups attempted to break the blockade of Turkish troops to take injured people, they received a barrage of bullets. Under this condition, ISIS captive members are released or flee (after their detention centers guards are attacked) and join the Turkish forces. A recent example is the arrest and abduction of an YPJ rebel by jihadist forces and her transfer to Turkey. The communication show continues with US troops impersonating ISIS fighters (with the execution of allegedly ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his successor), when at the same time they are in complete association with the Turkish fascist state in this war.

The defense of the struggling rebels in Syria is a matter for us all. Through different interpretations and approaches to political initiatives in every corner of the globe, an international radical solidarity movement is being created in the case of the social liberation of the Syrian people that is practically blocking the evolution of this war, by attacking the interests and benefits of those directly involved. Through this movement we are targeting the interests of the Turkish fascist regime and those who support materially, financially, militarily and politically this war.  We target the investments and political services of those directly involved in the places where each and every one of us is active. We are creating an anti-war barrier in every country, blocking its military preparation and equipment races, making it clear that the involvement of each state, either actively or in support of this (and any other) war, will have the corresponding cost. We are working to socialize the war by showing that our enemy is the causes and not the outcome. We welcome immigrants who are forcibly displaced to save themselves and their families, and we create communities of struggle against poverty.

We are practically breaking down the borders that have risen between us and sending our solidarity to the oppressed on the other side who know far better than us what it means to be exploited under the yoke of the Turkish fascist state. Nothing separates us, because we have common interests and common enemies. With our punches raised, we send a common message to the Greek and Turkish states that if their next slaughter is about their interests and sovereign pursuits for EEZs, deposits and anything else they are putting over our lives, they would find us hand in hand against them. We have to turn our common forces within each state. We are their internal enemy.

Recognizing in the struggle of guerrillas in Syria, the thirst for social change, the thirst for life and the dream of revolution, we stand with solidarity with critical thinking but above all respect for the fighting claim to their autonomy, considering the position from which we speak and act. We join our voices from the metropolitan areas of Europe to the rebellious mountains of the Middle East, all shouting together that the guerrilla weapons have our own bullets. We carry their struggle and connect it to our own struggles by stepping up the only war in which we fight with all our soul. The peace of the oppressed will only come through the war of the classes. The war for the Revolution and Anarchy.

Victory in self-defense militias of the Kurdish rebels

and internationalist comrades

From Greece to Syria, the weapons of the damned will not be silenced

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